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T-shirt - "Resist Farm Garden Organize" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)


T-shirt - "Resist Farm Garden Organize" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Resist Farm Garden Organize" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Resist Farm Garden Organize" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

Resist Farm Garden Organize - Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

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This high quality pre-shrunk t-shirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton (GMO-free cotton) for a super-soft feel that is light on our planet!

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20% of your purchase goes directly to organizers of March Against Monsanto to obtain permits, speakers, and flyers for the upcoming march! GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are one of the biggest and most controversial issues facing our health and environment today. The health consequences of GMOs are unknown, the safety unproven, genetically-modified plants require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and there is no turning back once the modified genes enter our farmlands. Whether this is a new commitment for you or something you've been passionate about for a while, by wearing this tee you are committing to help build our sustainable future.

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Steve K.
Same as last review.
Morticia C.
This is such an important message and so artfully described and displayed on a T-shirt - I bought one for the whole family and close friends, 12 in total! It's good, strong cotton that feels soft to the touch. We wear our Monsanto info shirts with pride!
Jamie B.
This shirt is awesome, great quality and awesome message. It's high quality not cheap and gross feeling.
Allan w F.
I wore my t-shirt proudly at the March Against Monsanto in Tempe, AZ. We had over 100 people; and I got lots of people saying they liked my t-shirt. As it said exactly how I feel about Monsanto. I am a Viet Nam Veteran sprayed and betrayed by Monsanto's AGENT ORANGE!!!! I dispise Monsanto even more since Bayer is buying Monsanto. The CEO of Bayer is a criminal; since he was commander of a concentration camp and ordered men; women and children either shot; burned alive or gassed.At the Neurnberg trials he only got five years in jail; instead of life in prison. Bayer and Monsanto CEO are a major threat to the world; has already stated they will own all farmers in the world. Spraying food with more toxic chemicals than RoundUp. All GMO's more toxic. They are already trying to dry up water in CA. and AZ. by opening(Nestle-subsiderary of both) bottled drinking water plants. If a farmer does not comply with spraying more toxic chemicals on food and using more toxic GMO's; they will shut off farmers water supply; so all crops will die. They will do this in every state in the U.S.; North America; and the world. They are both the two most dangerous men in the world. However all corrupt governments will have a blind eye; as well paid in billions by both companies. The whole world is in a lot of trouble. They are already in the U.S. attempting to force organic animal farmers into factory farming. Go to web site read the proposed changes; article under animal wefare and you will see Bayer and Monsanto written all over it. Sign the petition and write letters before June 13. I wear my t-shirt every time I go to my local farmers market. I always get coment truer words ever printed. I have told all the animal farmers read the horror article sign the petition and spread the word like wildfire amongst the organic animal farmers in AZ. A lot of people will tell me about a loved family member that has died due to AGENT ORANGE; it breaks my heart. I just lost a Viet Nam Veteran friend due complications from AGENT ORANGE; three weeks before Memorial Day. I do not know if you know that more Viet Nam Vets have died from AGENT ORANGE than were killed in action in Viet Nam. Make no mistake these two CEO's will destroy the world. Why do you think FEMA has been stock piling rations for the last two decades? If you think you will get any think again. allan foth
Sue C.
I've already had comments on the shirt, it's nice to know who is in the fight with me.
Love it. A lot of people notice the t shirt and have actually given them the web site to order their own.

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"We got our shirts today. I am very please with the quality. I will be wearing "Once Upon a Time" at the farmer's market on Friday when I go to sell. Thanks!" - Carol Q. N.

"I just received my Peace Love GMO Free t-shirt and I LOVE it! Great quality t-shirt. It's so very soft." - Teri E.

"Wow!!! Talk about great customer service!" - Angelina B.

"Loving this shirt! Thank you!!!” ‪#weaddup‬ ‪#downwithGMO‬ - Wilfredo C.

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