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We're living in a time of rapid change and uncertainty about the future. The predominant story in our culture can scare you right to your core - environmental destruction, rapid climate change, increasing poverty and health crises around the world. When we are each focused on just getting by day to day in this rapidly changing landscape, it can be hard to believe that what we do and who we are really matters.

Our mission at We Add Up is to celebrate the choices each of us can make that contribute to creating a positive, thriving future.

We want to raise these choices up and celebrate them - because it is a brave and hopeful thing to do! 

We really are all in this together simply by being alive on this planet at this time. Positive energy and action is able to shift the course of the world and our future. There is a butterfly effect with our choices and we'll never know the true impact of any one choice (whether it is to not put chemical fertilizers on our lawn or to write a letter to our Senators). At We Add Up, we live by the assumption that each one of us is a significant tipping point.  The more people there are doing these things and cultivating a thriving mindset, the greater our collective power becomes to create the kind of society we want.

We Add Up was founded in 2007 by a mother-daughter team out of Cleveland, Ohio and continues to be a family-run business.  We thank you for supporting us, joining us, and inspiring us these last nine years! 

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"We got our shirts today. I am very please with the quality. I will be wearing "Once Upon a Time" at the farmer's market on Friday when I go to sell. Thanks!" - Carol Q. N.

"I just received my Peace Love GMO Free t-shirt and I LOVE it! Great quality t-shirt. It's so very soft." - Teri E.

"Wow!!! Talk about great customer service!" - Angelina B.

"Loving this shirt! Thank you!!!” ‪#weaddup‬ ‪#downwithGMO‬ - Wilfredo C.

"So excited to wear my shirts to work to spark conversations about awareness!!!!" - Staci J.

"Love spreading the word!” ‪#weaddup‬ - Kristen M.