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Organic Vs. Inorganic Strawberries: The Shocking Truth

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Did you know that at least 54 different harmful chemicals go into producing inorganic or conventionally farmed strawberries?  Chemicals that that you don’t find in their organic counterparts? The truth behind organic and conventional farming might just shock you!

Top 5 Most Toxic Moisturizers (and 5 of the best!)

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No matter how minimal your skin care regime, the one thing you cannot forego is the use of moisturizers or skin lotions. Winter especially demands that we use good quality lotions to keep the skin looking nourished, healthy and supple. Today, more and more women and men are jumping on the organic, nontoxic and green beauty bandwagon. However; the term organic and natural is often loosely branded. Many of the so called moisturizers are still laden with harmful elements that confuse the organic or green buyer. So in this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the best moisturizers and 5 of the worst.

Surviving Your First Juice Fast

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So, you’re looking to change your life and improve your health, are you? Well, a juice fast could be just the kickstart your body needs! I’ll admit, consuming nothing but juice for several days can seem quite daunting. However, I can promise you that if you go in prepared, you will survive your first juice fast.

3 Natural Essential Oils to Help Heal Burns, Food Poisoning, and Depression

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Throughout history, indigenous peoples around the world have relied on plant medicines for health and wellness. While most of us living in modern industrialized civilization rely on allopathic medical care, many are beginning to take healing back into their own hands. Reliable evidence points to the value of essential oil extracts in treating many conditions. Here are three important essential oils that can make a difference.

5 Ayurvedic Morning Rituals to Promote Health and Well-being

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Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga, is a 5000 year old traditional medical system from India. In stark contrast to Western Medicine, where the emphasis is on symptom and disease management, Ayurveda seeks to prevent disease by gaining an understanding about your specific dosha, or body type, and following diet and lifestyle recommendations accordingly. All people, regardless of body type, can benefit from incorporating these five rituals into their morning routine.

Devonshire Tea: An Organic Aussie Treat

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I have a lot of fun introducing my American friends to words, customs, and of course food hailing from the country where I grew up, Australia. Today's lesson: scones. The English, Aussie, or New Zealand scone is a soft, dainty, and round thing -- very similar to the biscuit in the US. The harder, triangular baked good that is the American scone doesn't really exist elsewhere.

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