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These 8 Beauty And Fashion Trends Could Be Killing You Softly

02 November, 2015 7 comments Leave a comment

Our fast-paced media brings new beauty and style trends with each hour, however some dangerous old trends never seem to go away.  Today we will talk about 8 beauty trends that need to go away immediately.

  1. Skinny jeans

Recently there was news that wearing skinny jeans landed an Australian woman in the hospital. Her pants were so tight that she could hardly walk and they also cause the blood supply to her legs and feet stop completely. Skinny jeans are also known to cause urine infections in women because the tight fabric rubs against the private areas causing rashes also facilitating the spread of bacteria from the urethra to the vagina. Yes, ‘skinny jeans’ is one fashion trend that has to go.

  1. Toxic nail paint

Recently we had published an article on how the EWG discovered toxins in nail colors and that these toxins were also seeping in the users’ bodies. While there are some brands that make toxin free nail polish, all manufacturers need to come up with such eco-friendly lines and do the same. Else, this is one trend that we feel should go.

  1. False eyelashes

Thanks to the likes of Kim K and Kylie Jenner, false eyelashes are very much in vogue. However, according to this report in the Daily Mail, frequent use of false or synthetic eyelashes can cause the real lashes to fall off. Now that’s beauty at a cost!

  1. Lip fillers

More and more teenagers are going in for lip fillers thanks to Kylie’s pouty lips. Up until recently, undergoing a lip job was usually the prerogative of the women in their 40s or 50s. Understandably so- since the lips start to droop and wrinkle making one look a lot older than one actually is. However, injecting strange stuff in your body can cause side effects not to mention botched lip jobs that lead to a ‘trout pout’. So ladies who are considering lip fillers: please evaluate this beauty trend carefully before you do.

  1. Implants

According to the FDA website, implants in any part of the body can cause changes in sensation, pain, scar tissue, rupture and even swollen or enlarged lymph glands. Breast implants also have carcinogenic potential. Yes, this is one beauty trend that needs to go!

  1. Permanent Hair dyes

British scientists have warned that some permanent hair dyes containing chemicals could cause cancer of the bladder or the blood. Secondary amines found in certain permanent dyes remain on the head and scalp for weeks and, over time, also react with tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes to form N-nitrosamines. Semi permanent dyes and henna seem to be the safer alternative for coloring hair.

  1. Indoor tanning

Everyone desires a sun-kissed healthy glow but the best way to get it is the good old fashioned way of soaking n the sun, with sunscreen…plenty of it. Indoor tanning, as warned by the CDC is a strict no-no for tanning because every time you use indoor tanning, you increase your risk of melanoma.

  1. Tattoos-Think before you Ink

Apart from infections, scarring and allergic reactions, tattoo ink is actually metabolized by the body which tends to think that the ink is another foreign particle. Also, tattoo ink could travel to the lymph nodes and cause many complications. More research is needed on what this can do, but here is a good article if you want to become more aware of the dangers of this trend.

These are the 8 style and beauty trends that we believe should be shown the door! Comment below as to what you think….

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  1. gwen November 13, 2016

    to the famely of abby perlman your doghter got involved in coraption business with infamous cbs anchor named otis livingston beacerful in the future otis livingston and abby perlman they will go to prison for the long time.

  2. C brooks July 27, 2016

    We are exposed to many harmful chemicals daily without evening knowing or realizing it is happening, i.e. Aerosol spraying in the air, over the counter cures, chemical companies playing with our food, and mandating vaccines that have no backing of their positive outcomes, to name a few. We need to stay vigilant in the fight for truth and knowledge of what goes in and/or on our bodies.
    Vitamin D3, it is a vital mineral necessary in many pathways in the cells and body. Research has shown adequate to high amounts of this vitamin benefit the overall health of our bodies. Its ok to get some sun on your bare skin. The chemicals in sunscreens do more damage than natural sunlight can ever do!

  3. Harold Busby July 22, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Emmy March 04, 2016

    All indoor tanning is not equal. Overdoing it is, obviously, not a good idea. However, some people living in the northern tier of the US are at greatly increased risk of a variety of serious and immediate health risks related to lack of Vitamin D3 and are unable to metabolize oral D3. Insurance (no surprise) does not cover D3 injections and shots from salons …are shots from salons and certainly not something I, as a (pro cannabis, anti GMO) medical professional would ever recommend due to risk of side effects, etc. that a salon is simply not equipped to handle. In these situations medically supervised low dose tanning is not only healthy, it can prevent sunburn in fair skinned individuals by gradually building up natural melanin levels in the skin. Careful tanning is an effective trearment for Seasonal Affect Disorder (Winter ‘blues’) and depression. The key is always extreme moderation (quite the oxymoron) and medical supervision. And for the record, no I am not in any way related to, invested in or profiting from the tanning industry.

  5. GeorgeBoles December 15, 2015

    Amazing ideas!!!!

  6. c brooks December 15, 2015

    Indoor tanning, when worked in a salon a few years back, some clients were prescribed indoor sunlight for skin issues and especially a more natural way to form and absorb vitamin D.

    more back up research needs to included to prove to mainstream sheeple there is a silent war happening

  7. William Head December 03, 2015


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