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T-shirt - "Save The Bees - Honeycomb" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)


T-shirt - "Save The Bees - Honeycomb" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Save The Bees - Honeycomb" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Save The Bees - Honeycomb" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

"Save the Bees - Honeycomb" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

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This high quality pre-shrunk t-shirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton (GMO-free cotton) for a super-soft feel that is light on our planet!

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20% of your purchase goes directly to organizers of March Against Monsanto to obtain permits, speakers, and flyers for the upcoming march! GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are one of the biggest and most controversial issues facing our health and environment today. The health consequences of GMOs are unknown, the safety unproven, genetically-modified plants require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and there is no turning back once the modified genes enter our farmlands. Whether this is a new commitment for you or something you've been passionate about for a while, by wearing this tee you are committing to help build our sustainable future.

Get the matching magnet! (goes on your fridge, filing cabinet, or the back of your car!)
Kathy L.
My adult son saw something about the disappearance of bees on Facebook. Not always being socially conscious, he asked what it was about. I explained what I could. Whenever I see a chance to educate him and "hook" him on issue, I grab it and run. Just then, I saw the ad for your Tshirts and bought him the shirt and the mug. He wears that shirt almost every day, washes it by hand, and hangs it to dry. This is not normal for his "tough guy" personna. Now, though, his friends ask him "What's with the bee, dude?" and he tells them what he's learned. When the mug arrived, he was introduced to Monsanto and started paying attention to my Tshirt and mug, which are more focused on the company who is destroying the planet. He's learned about PCB's and GMO's and Agent Orange. Recently he learned about the part Monsanto has played in the Zika virus. Education is a wonderful thing and if it takes a Tshirt to accomplish it, then more power to the Tshirt. He wears it proudly and displays his mug as if it's the queen's china. As for me, I've always been the singer to the choir. I love the use of hemp in the shirt. It is stretchy, strong, a renewable resource, and educative all at once.
Jean S.
My shirt arrived at the post office the very same day that a swarm of honeybees moved into our hive. LOVE my shirt and wear it often. It attracts lots of attention in a good way. the fabric is so soft too, and it is a perfect fit. Thanks

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"I just received my Peace Love GMO Free t-shirt and I LOVE it! Great quality t-shirt. It's so very soft." - Teri E.

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