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T-shirt - "Best Government Money Can Buy" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)


T-shirt - "Best Government Money Can Buy" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Best Government Money Can Buy" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton) T-shirt - "Best Government Money Can Buy" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

"Best Government Money Can Buy" Unisex T-Shirt (Organic Cotton)

We Add Up

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This high quality pre-shrunk t-shirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton (GMO-free cotton) for a super-soft feel that is light on our planet!

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20% of your purchase goes directly to organizers of March Against Monsanto to obtain permits, speakers, and flyers for the upcoming march! GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are one of the biggest and most controversial issues facing our health and environment today. The health consequences of GMOs are unknown, the safety unproven, genetically-modified plants require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and there is no turning back once the modified genes enter our farmlands. Whether this is a new commitment for you or something you've been passionate about for a while, by wearing this tee you are committing to help build our sustainable future.

Kathy S.
I'm retired and too old and subject to falling to get involved in physical confrontations or picketing for issues that I feel strongly about, also, I am on a fixed income and am restricted to how much I can donate. So, I am really happy that I can at least wear the t-shirts to express my anger and frustration over issues. I really like the last t-shirt I purchased "the best government $ can buy".... an issue that I have long argued would be a huge problem, and now it is. The quality is great, and I do get people who ask me what "seed freedom" is about and my granddaughter wanted one too, so I got her one for her birthday and she's wearing it to school.
Steve K.
My only complaint is that the shirts are light in material weight so they will not last long I expect.
Aaron H.
Great shirt and message. Yes, it gets a lot of attention and most of all, it is organic non GMO cotton!
Sam C.
Kind of cheap feeling shirt.but it was an impulse buy.
Bob M.
Would love it if it was in any color other than just white.
eugene C.
I like the graphics, I like to message, the quality is good and the fit is excellent, and it's a all around nice t-shirt I've been stopped 3 times by people making a comment about the T-shirts message, Think I got a good deal.........
Chris F.
This shirt is AWESOME. I have been approached by a few people. Have gotten mixed reviews from it. Most agree and ask where I got the shirt from. Others are either too trusting of the government or work for Corporate America and benefit like these corporations do. Mainly it's well off people who are offended by the shirt. I love it. Wore it just yesterday and was getting mixed looks.
Rayleen G.
Love the message. Interesting how few notice it though.
Lyn s.
I live in a very conservative county, but I bravely wear my shirt to the store and have had some positive feedback, and nobody has hit me yet, so it's all good. So far.
Jenifer S.
Love the fit and feel. Softer than soft and roomie. Already shared w picture with friends in Facebook now they all want one too. I look forward to strangers taking a glance and smirking with me!
Henry M.
I alternate this T-shirt with my other tees about GMO's on Saturdays when I go to the Farmers Market. I notice people stare and read the contents. Mission Accomplished!
Jill R.
I love this shirt. It's easy to read and sends a really strong message without being off-putting. With Bayer buying Monsanto, I'm really glad that Bayer is included. I wear this one quite a lot.

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"We got our shirts today. I am very please with the quality. I will be wearing "Once Upon a Time" at the farmer's market on Friday when I go to sell. Thanks!" - Carol Q. N.

"I just received my Peace Love GMO Free t-shirt and I LOVE it! Great quality t-shirt. It's so very soft." - Teri E.

"Wow!!! Talk about great customer service!" - Angelina B.

"Loving this shirt! Thank you!!!” ‪#weaddup‬ ‪#downwithGMO‬ - Wilfredo C.

"So excited to wear my shirts to work to spark conversations about awareness!!!!" - Staci J.

"Love spreading the word!” ‪#weaddup‬ - Kristen M.